Integrated annual report 2017 edition



  • ACER

    Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators established by Regulation (EC) No 713/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009

  • AIT

    Average Interruption Time in the power transmission system. Expressed in minutes per year, it is a product of 60 and energy not supplied (ENS) by the power system, divided by the average power supplied by the transmission system, expressed in MW

  • ATC allocation method

    a method of capacity calculation and allocation on the border between systems or zones, where commercial volumes of capacity are offered on the basis of arrangements made between operators of two neighbouring bidding zones in the period prior to capacity allocation (i.e. before the capacity auction), taking into account physical properties of the zones and having regard to congestions and expected demand for trading capacity

  • White certificates

    documents certifying that a certain reduction of energy consumption has been attained through investment

    documents certifying that a certain reduction of energy consumption has been attained through investment

  • CACM

    Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management

  • CEE

    Central and Eastern Europe region


    PSE Computer Emergency Response Team

  • CORE

    a region created by merging the CEE and CWE regions


    the Core Capacity Calculation Region

  • CWE

    the Central-West Europe region

  • Report date

    december 6, 2017

  • ENS

    an indicator of electrical energy not supplied by the power transmission system. It is expressed in MWh per year and represents a sum of products of power not supplied due to interruption and its duration. The indicator includes short, long and very long interruptions including and excluding disastrous interruptions


    European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity

  • FBA

    Flow-Based Market Coupling

  • PSE CG

    PSE Capital Group

  • Main location of the organisation

    Head Office based in Konstancin-Jeziorna

  • GRI Standards

    Global Reporting Initiative Standards

  • HSEQ

    Health and Safety, Environment and Quality

  • 50Hertz

    German Power Transmission System Operator

  • IEC

    International Electrotechnical Commission

  • CI

    critical infrastructure

  • IoT

    Internet of Things

  • DSR IP

    DSR Intervention Programme

  • IRiESP

    Transmission Network Code

  • IT

    Information Technology

  • JWCD

    Centrally Dispatched Generating Units

  • EC

    European Commission

  • KSE

    Polish Power System (Krajowy System Elektroenergetyczny), also referred to as "power system"

  • Comitology

    a process for the adoption by the European Committee of implementing measures to legal acts previously adopted by the European Council. In exercising those powers, the Committee is supported by committees composed of experts of Member States, which are headed by a representative of the Commission

  • Co-optimisation

    simultaneous procurement of energy and reserves

  • Locations of PSE branches

    Warsaw Branch, Radom Branch, Katowice Branch, Poznań Branch and Bydgoszcz Branch

  • LitPol

    Poland-Lithuania link

  • MW


  • NCBiR

    National Centre of Research and Development (Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju)

  • nJWCD

    Non-Centrally Dispatched Generating Unit (jednostka wytwórcza niebędąca jednostką wytwórczą dysponowaną centralnie)

  • EHV

    extra high voltage

  • LV

    low voltage

  • ODM

    Area Dispatch Centre (Obszarowa Dyspozycja Mocy)

  • ORed

    reduction facilities (obiekty redukcji)

  • ORM

    Operating Power Reserve (Operacyjna Rezerwa Mocy)

  • DSO

    distribution system operator

  • OSP

    transmission system operator, also referred to as "operator" 

  • OT

    Operational Technology

  • RES

    Renewable Energy Sources

  • PZI

    Investment Projects Plan (Plan zamierzeń inwestycyjnych)

  • Redispatching

    a measure triggered by one or more system operators where the generation or load pattern is changed in order to change physical flows within the transmission system and reduce congestions

  • RCM

    Reliability Centered Maintenance

  • RCN

    Regional Supervision Centre (Regionalne Centrum Nadzoru)

  • DAM

    Day Ahead Market

  • CM

    capacity market

  • ROC

    Regional Operation Centre

  • ES

    Electrical substation

  • MV

    medium voltage

  • Company


  • SwePol

    Poland - Sweden interconnection


    TSCNET Services GmbH, a company whose activities include the services of technical support to transmission system operators in operational planning processes and support in carrying out concept work under the regional initiative TSO Security Cooperation. The shareholders of TSCNET Services are a dozen or so European transmission system operators

  • TSC

    Transmission System Operators Security Cooperation; an initiative established in December 2008 whose objective is to improve the operational security of the interconnected power systems in Central Europe through the intensification of cooperation between operators

  • EU

    European Union

  • ERO

    Energy Regulatory Office

  • HV

    high voltage

  • WCD

    electricity supply continuity index

  • XBR

    bilateral redispatching

  • 50HzT

    50Hertz Transmission GmbH

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